Evaluation question 4



Radio Script drafts

Draft ad 1:

(background music start)

Struggling to find a Fitness magazine that works for you?


Want to know more about what you can do locally to get into shape?


Its time…

To get “TRIM”

(change in background music)

London’s premier fitness magazine

Gyms, boot-camps, classes, healthy eateries – everything you need to get you motivated right round the corner from you

Not convinced?


This months issue even comes with free protein!

get yours from your local newsagents for only £2.99 today

Draft ad 2:

(sound of busy city)



There’s a revolutionary fitness magazine right under your nose – made just for you!


(background music start)

London’s premier fitness magazine

Amazing content on local facilities, classes, personal trainers and anything else you could possibly need to kick start your fitness lifestyle!

Lets get London trim! Grab our 25th anniversary issue from your local newsagents shelves today!

Special promotional price only £1.99

(music stop)

go on! go get TRIM



Music Research

I like this one because its in an upbeat minor key with changes in tone and style throughout to keep it interesting and that would work with my voice over. However it may be a bit too light for a London fitness magazine as it doesn’t really have the motivational feel I am looking for with my Radio advert.

I like this one because its relaxing and upbeat. It has soft tones to in which means it would sit nicely in the background behind my voice over for my advert. At some points it feels a bit too musical for background music as it is quite busy at times which may overpower my voice over.

I like this one as it has a modern techno feel to its style which would be suiting for a modern London fitness magazine as I feel it would appeal to my target audience. However this piece of music includes speech “Preview” and its original website so would not be appropriate to use for my radio advert.

I like this piece of music as it also had a modern techno feel to it, similar to the kind of music people tend to listen to in the gym so it would have fitness connotations to the listener. I like that it is not too over powering so it would lay nicely behind my voice-over. It has changes in tone and an initial build up which works well for radio adverts as they tend to build up to the central point of the advert. I will use this music for my advert.

Production log – Music

I will look at various different examples of royalty free music that I could use in the background of my radio advert. I am looking for something upbeat and suitable for my script and genre. I will most likely use YouTube for this as it is easily accessible and I can then convert these videos to MP3 to manipulate in another programme to compose my radio advert

Radio advert analysis 3

This advert uses humour and excitement to draw the attention of the consumer. The use diegetic sounds of the theme park to make the audience think about the thrill of the environment and therefore encourage them to go. The voice over is a recognisable famous voice used throughout adverts and tv. This familiarity would likely draw the audiences attention as it is clearly a favoured voice for it to be so popular in ads. The voice over is engaging and follows the rollercoaster background noise as if he is on the ride himself, that makes you feel more involved in the advert and makes you think more of the theme park environment and the excitement that comes with it acting to promote the adrenaline rush people seek from theme parks. The advert opens with a pun “serious about fun” as a kind of catch phrase or motto for the theme park which works well. The advert appeals to those who perhaps want a more exclusive or superior experience by promoting its luxury spas. After appealing to potential customers it finishes with an appeal to potential employees by challenging them “do you think you can keep your head when everyone else is loosing theirs” encouraging them to try out and see if they’ve got what it takes.





The AIDA model


AIDA is an acronym used in marketing that describes a common process that may occur when consumers engage with adverts in the media.

A- attention: catch the attention of your audience

I- interest: what is the interest of the consumer

D- desire: convince customers that they should want the product you are offering

A- action: lead an audience towards purchasing or perusing your product further

This outline is followed in many forms of advertising and applies to my Ancillary tasks as billboard adverts and radio adverts follow this method of marketing.

This method of advertising is used in both my ancillary tasks, billboard adverts and radio adverts. As both markets are massive and people consume them everyday in the car, walking along the streets, listening on their phones etc advertisers have to push the boat out to get heir ads noticed over others.

A billboard advert has to grab their attention by being bold in its text and images also making sure they appeal to the right target audience. They then have to try and attract the interest of the consumer in their product this means it has to be made obvious what the intent of the advert is and what it is marketing. You then have to have some element to your advert as to why the consumer need or should want your product in particular. Then finally their has to be a point of action, where they can buy it, a special offer, a website or other means of purchase etc. to push people towards purchasing your product.

A radio advert has to grab an audiences attention through its sound, being its dialog, background music and other sounds added to the track. They then have to interest the listener so the advert has to be catchy or exciting, something that is going to mean the audience listens rather than ignoring it as people tend to zone out during radio commercials. You then need to create a desire for what you have on offer, this can be done by pointing out qualities of your magazine, awards its gotten, how many years it has been running  or any other special selling points for the advert. Finally the same as billboard adverts you need to state a point of action, where its sold or how much it is or a website they can look at to find out more.